This little blog started as an experiment of sorts…

I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I grow up, contemplating seminary and all that might mean, and I started looking for articles that might help me in that discernment process.  Long story short, I found the RevGalBlogPals, a group of women blogging about their lives in ministry.  Some were ministers, others lay leaders and still others preparing for ministry.

I’ve never been great at journaling, so I thought that blogging might be a good way to try again.  After all, if I added my URL to the blogroll, I would feel accountable to someone besides me.  Thus began my foray into writing online.  And while I know there aren’t many people who’ve wandered by and read, I’m thankful for the way this journal calls out to me more loudly than any notebook ever did.

What’s with the Name?

It’s a bit of a stretch, really.  VIAU is my last name.  French-Canadian, in case you wondered.  It’s pronounced “Vee-Oh” – but by almost no one.  Some people come closer to rhyming with Meow like a cat or the sound when something stinks (P-U).  But my favorite guess is when it comes out closer to View.  And this blog is what life looks like from where I sit.  My point of view.

The Players

The Hubby – that’d be my main man.  He is my rock… sometimes the sort that you count on, sometimes the sort you stumble on.  But he’s mine!   He’s currently working on a doctoral degree in Higher Education.

The Kid (historically the Future Preacher’s Kid or FPK).  Currently spreading those young adult wings away from home and family.

The Yaya– my mom, who lives with us.  Not because she is infirm… quite the contrary!  She opted to join our crazy household while it was still her option.  And God knew we would need each other.  It was a blessing beyond belief to be multigenerational with both parents in grad school.

and Me…  I am a word nerd, motorcycle enthusiast, wife-mother-daughter, musician, movie buff and Whovian… who also happens to be called to congregational ministry.  I am ridiculously extroverted, I tend to talk with my hands (and arms, and if I get really wound up, I’ll act stuff out for you).

The PresbApopkaterians – a portmanteau for the Presbyterians I worship with at First Pres in Apopka (Florida). They are the brave souls who have invited this pastor into their congregational life for a season as we both learn more about what God has called us to do.

The Setting

Central Florida– home to Mickey’s House, lots of heat and humidity, and us.

Dubuque, Iowa– home to the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and a lot of great memories of professors and school chums during the ole seminary days.

The fine print/disclaimer

The stuff I post here represents no one but me:  Not my family, the church of which I am the pastor or other organizations that might claim me from time to time.  I make every effort to link back and/or cite other people’s thoughts when I refer to them among my own ramblings


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