Love Wins when Love Shows Up

I couldn’t sleep last week. My heart ached and my stomach was in knots.

On top of all the hate-filled rhetoric of the RNC, I had been engaged in more than a handful of conversations that left me tired emotionally. And then disappointed in myself for being tired and wanting to disengage.

But then

On Saturday morning, I watched children choosing free books to take home and read, smiling and thrilled to be told they could take a second if they wanted.

On Sunday, I listened to my boss gently challenge my congregation to step beyond their comfort zones and trust God to help them love our neighbors…  and say very kind things about me.
I saw three friends going well out of their way to make sure that a fourth made it home safely when she felt ill
I walked in the middle of about 100 people who long to see our community become a safer place where it is clear that Black Lives Matter.  A beautifully diverse crowd of all ages, faiths, and ethnicities.  Holding hands, chanting, walking into a better future.

Monday night, I sat in a theater listening to Broadway stars offering their talent and hearts in support of the LGBTQ community here in Orlando.  Singing, dancing, laughing into our new normal.

This morning, I listened to our First Lady “go high,” offering a word of hope as we enter the next phase of this campaign season.

About halfway through that speech I realized I was crying.
Tears of relief and release.
Tears from a heart that was full to overflowing with faith.
And hope
And love.

Because love had shown up.
Over and over and over again.
Visibly, tangibly, audibly.

And that is how love wins.


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