Don’t Shush Me

Don’t Shush Me

Not today.  I’ve been angry and sad for a week.
Then the morning’s news:  At least 50 dead.  Many more hurt

And before I could even begin to put words to my anger and my sadness
that once again we would be burying victims of gun violence…

“Shush….. now is not the time”

“Shush….  let’s honor the victims and first responders”

“Shush… we need to go pray”

Don’t Shush Me.

more importantly,
Don’t Shush My Friends

The ones who are being killed.

The ones who are targeted
because of who they are,
who they love,
the color of their skin.

Their pain matters
Their anger matters.
Their experiences matter.

Their voices matter.

Don’t shush them.


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