Sometimes More is Bad

Like when you have more than one place you keep your stuff.

I have a desk in my study at church. I have a desk at my other day job. I have a desk in one of the bedrooms at home. I have a red composition notebook for work stuff.  And I have a black one for my church/personal stuff.  I have a Google Drive assigned from my work email account and one for my home and church documents attached to my gmail account. I access those drives from two different browsers.

That’s about as compartmentalized as my stuff gets. I have one laptop, one backpack and one WAY overstuffed and overtaxed brain.

Most days, the system works pretty well.

I keep notes and task lists from different universes in different notebooks. I combine them into a shared calendar and task managements tool. I work in the right G-docs account to make searching even easier.

Some days, it goes hilariously wrong. Like the day I went looking for notes from a meeting at work 4 days prior, and realized I left the red notebook on the desk at the house. So I ran out at lunch to get said notebook… only to find no notes for that meeting in the red notebook.

Or in the black notebook.
Or any other paper in my possession.
Or in my google docs or Word.

Quiet internal PANIC ensued for the next 90 minutes… until I remembered my Mac Notes app.

On the plus side, my desk gets really organized on days like that…


What do you think?

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