just a few random things from today

Since 90% of what happens at most bathroom sinks has to do with washing your hands, why do so many of the spigots stop so close to the far edge of the sink. The one behind the chancel of our sanctuary might reach 3 inches into a sink that is a good 12-15 inches across. You can’t even get your hands wet without banging them into the back wall.  The one I used at DisneyWorld today was better, but not by much. And don’t get me started on those automagical soap and/or water sensors that make me feel invisible…

Donuts from the Donut King between Orlando and Castleberry are among the best I’ve ever eaten. The only thing they are missing is a “pine cone”.  Imagine one of the cinnamon rolls that gets fried and glazed… except the raw cinnamon roll-shaped dough gets cut and pulled so that it resembles a pine cone.  Every one of those bits that sticks out gets that outside edge crispy sweetness.


It’s funny how people react when you offer to take their picture for them – even when they are with a group… we’re so used to doing selfies, I guess, that we forget that other people are around, and often willing to help.  I figure it’s kind of nice to get a shot from a semi normal angle, in which everyone can relax and smile.

I love that we see lots of birds here in Central Florida – especially the raptors. I’ve seen several hawks and kingfishers grab fish from the rivers and lakes in the area, sometimes large enough that they make the bird look a little tipsy.  Today, I was actually worried that I was going to drive into a low-flying bald eagle. I topped an overpass just as it was trying to get enough airspeed to handle the large turtle it was holding in its talons!   Seriously.  One of these:

Florida Softshell Turtle

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately – mostly good stuff, just a lot of it. One of the hardest things about moving to part time at a workplace with mostly full time people is the “can you take a few minutes to write/create/send this?” mentality.  First, it assumes that the work you’ve asked me to do is easy (if it were, you’d have tackled it already).  Second, it assumes that I’m at your beck and call (um, no, I am the master of my own queue).   Third, if you’re writing to ask that, you’ve likely not included any details about what you want me to do, which means I have to spend more than “a few minutes” getting all that.   (stop it. please. for the love of all that is good and holy).


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