1984 called and it wants its DoubleSpeak back

Dear elected officials,

Here are some truths you seem to ignore

Some women and children are queer. Some of us are straight and cis- but others identify as trans or gay or bi or are still exploring who they are.

Some women and children have deeply held religious beliefs that lead them to affirm all humans are beloved children of God, none of whom should be segregated, discriminated against or dehumanized based on gender identity, sexual preference, race, religion, age, income, intelligence, geographic location or political affiliation.

Some women and children practice faiths besides Christianity.  Or are not part of a faith tradition at all.  And they still proclaim the truth that all human lives matter. Yours and theirs included.

The truth is: A lot of women and children see what you’re up to.
And so do the men who love us enough to know how strong and smart we are.

You aren’t really about protecting us, just using us as props in your efforts to gin up fear and distractions from the failure of your economic and social policies.

So you can stop saying bills about bathrooms and abortions are about protecting us.  We know who has our backs.

Want to know how to “protect the women and children” in your constituencies from rapists and murderers?

Let’s reduce the number of rapists…

  • Start believing those who say “I’ve been raped” and stop shaming them for what they were wearing, drinking or smoking.
  • Start actually collecting and processing evidence like rape kits
  • Start prosecuting rapists, including those who are married to or dating their victims
  • Start looking at what porn is teaching our young women and men about what sex is supposed to be
  • Stop teaching “just say no” to sex and teach what healthy sexuality looks like.  Hint – it isn’t violent and coercive. It means asking your partner what is ok and respecting no, whenever it comes.

Let’s reduce the number of murderers

  • Believe women who say they are being abused and threatened by their partners
  • Provide real protection from those who have been identified as stalkers and abusers, including spouses and members of law enforcements organizations.
  • Reduce the numbers of guns and quantities of ammunition in American homes.

What do you think?

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