Laughing as I sneak this in under the wire

Well, not quite… it’s December 1 by about 15 minutes here in the Eastern time zone, and I’ve not posted my November 30 NaBloPoMo post. Thus, I shall pretend I am in God’s time zone (Central, of course) to write up a quick little something. 

Last night I laughed.

This is not an odd occurrence.  I laugh a lot.

I know I contribute some nervous laughter into the world, and bored laughter.  And the kind of laughter used to diffuse a really tense conversation (non-anxious laughter?). I am pretty sure, though, that most of my laughter comes from an honest place.

There was a point in my life a few years ago when I didn’t laugh much. It was a really difficult stretch for me as a mom, wife and seminary student. So much of what was happening around me was chaotic and scary and farther outside my control than I knew things could go.

And then one day, I laughed. I laughed until I cried. And then I laughed some more.

Not because things were better, but because I had been in the presence of someone whose joy became my joy. And my heart remembered how to find the updraft of hope and open its wings, gliding by faith on the breeze.  It was a small thing, a brief moment, but friends noticed.

It was good to hear your laugh again. I’ve missed it.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a new friend.  No really, we met and were instantly friends. And as I prepared to leave, he said to me, Stay in touch. I need your laugh. 

Last night, my school chums and I finally were all on the phone together again. For hours. This is what happens when you go too long between conference calls with people you love.

We laughed.
We shared some hard stuff.
We laughed some more.

Because sometimes you need to hear the laughter of people you love.
And sometimes you need to laugh with the people who know why you cry.


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