Naming and Blogging

NaBloPoMo Day 28: Explain the name of your blog or regular writing venue.  I think this might actually have been meant for yesterday, and I’ve reversed it for today’s prompt. Ah well…

I first named my blog “Clever Titles Need Not Apply”, but when I joined the RevGal blog ring, I noticed a similarly titled blog and decided to go another route.

The URL name is a play on my initials… Elby = LB, so I thought I might as well play with my last name on the Title version.  I have lost count of the ways I’ve heard it mispronounced since I married into the Viau name.

It’s actually fairly simple… Vee-Oh.  You say the names of the two vowels that don’t actually appear in my name.  But I’ve heard folks try to rhyme it with Meow and Mow or Pow. Sometimes they’ll give up after Vee- and pause, then just kind of spell it out slowly, as if saying the letters by name was normal.

My favorite has always been the attempts closest to view (run together or two syllables).  Partly because I like the idea of a name being an invitation to take a look.  Thus, the “Viau from Here” is a place for me to share my point of view, perspective, and general outlook on life.


What do you think?

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