NaBloPoMo Day 25: How do you crush a stereotype of your gender/sexual expression/race/denomination/nationality?
Sadly, I am not sure that I crush any stereotypes. I might muddle a few, given that my swing between work worlds theologically. And maybe I stretch expectations a bit…

 I am far from the only woman pastor, though I am the first to hold the position at my church.

Many women play guitar, wear Chuck Taylors and opt out of wearing makeup. 

Lots of women ride motorcycles these days, and I have seen others who eschew pink or blingy  accessories for masculine watches and phone cases.

But I did find that my study needed some softer, more feminine touches if it was going to reflect me and not all the men who had filled the shelves before me. 

Mostly I just am who I am. And I am thankful that I feel more freedom to make those choices now than ever before. That may be the closest I get to crushing any kind of stereotype. 


What do you think?

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