New Year-ish Resolution

NaBloPoMo Day 22: What’s your spiritual resolution for Year C?  

Since today is Christ the King or Reign of Christ and next week is Advent 1, we are heading into a new liturgical year! 

I want to explore more deeply into other streams of theology. I was raised in a fairly middle-of-the-road (perhaps bland?) theological tradition. I was explosed to both the justice and the salvation inherent in Christ’s coming and teaching, but without a great call to action…

I have been introduced to a range of reformed theologians and read some of them more deeply, but this feels like a season of change in the world… a season in which I need to hear from voices that are not middle-of-the-road, but speaking from experiences that are different from my own. Speaking from places I have not been and cultures I have not yet met.

If you’ve got ideas for places to start, please drop them in the comments!


What do you think?

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