Liturgical Nerds Need Only Apply

NaBloPoMo Day 19 (a day late): Best liturgical holiday

I think I’ll cheat and do a Top 5 list.

5.  Maundy Thursday – the music always breaks my heart exactly as it needs to be broken with just that touch of grace that points to Easter.

4. Christmas Eve – there is a poignancy to the multi-generational worship    that welcomes the Christ child, even in congregations with not many children on a regular Sunday.

3.  Baptism of Christ – because we all need to remember why we get wet and why we need to stay wet.

2.  Epiphany – John 1.  Light. Stars.

1.  Pentecost – The story, the symbols, the colors, the get out there an go-ness of it all.



What do you think?

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