Getting Ready to Go

NaBloPoMo while off the grid

It’s complicated to think about leaving two jobs and a household for a week.  I’ve done it twice since starting this crazy schedule. Once for a work trip to Colorado. Once for a church-related continuing education conference in North Carolina.  In both cases, I was able to disconnect to a certain degree, particularly from the half of my work-world that was least represented in the nature of the trip.

But… Because I had access to my phone and my laptop with all that “in the cloud” work, I was able to cheat as needed.

This week is a little more complicated because I know I’ll be leaving with zero access. I won’t be able to call when I remember that thing I left on my desk or the counter.  I won’t get the email or text asking the clarifying question that will help someone move forward.

I know I’ll be leaving lots of stuff undone, unfinished.  So I’m trying to identify the most critical of those tasks and deputize the right people to make progress or complete them.  And yet, I know that I’ll miss more than a couple of those.

Which will be fine. I’m not indispensable in this world, nor in either of my jobs. And I’ll be back in a week to start getting caught back up. Good Lord willing, of course.

But what if I don’t come back?  I mean, what if something totally unexpected happens?  Things do happen (to other people) and could happen (to me and mine). I’ve affirmed for  many a worrying or grieving family that we are not promised a single day.

And I guess that is part of what weighed on me in the getting ready phase. Preparing to disconnect and go off the grid has been eerily like getting my affairs in order. Making it possible for people to go on without me feels a bit like saying a final goodbye.

I am thankful for this uncomfortable pause, which has served to remind me  that every moment in this whirlwind of a life I’ve been living is worth noting and savoring.


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