Going off the Grid

NaBloPoMo while Off the Grid

Today is the day.

Well, kind of.  I am sitting at the keyboard on Sunday, but through the magic of scheduled posts, I get to be a little timey-wimey in my imaginary Tardis and make this post appear on Wednesday.  Which is the day.

If all has gone according to expectations, at 4am eastern time, I will have gathered with 27 other intrepid Presbyterians to head from Tampa to Santa Clara, Cuba.

We’ll be in the central part of Cuba for a week, where we will not be using cell phones or laptops or any of the devices that I have become accustomed to having at my beck and call.  I actually got a camera and a watch to take with me.  I can’t remember the last time I wore a watch. Or carried a camera that wasn’t part of my phone. But I digress…

For the next 7 days, our group will be meeting with pastors and lay leaders of the churches in Central Cuba. My fellow PresbApopkaterian and I will visit two different churches, where we will learn how they are connecting with their communities, serving the people who are not yet members and how they move people into membership.  It’s much more complicated than our American model of church-shopping and church-joining.  But I get a sense that the barriers the churches are required to overcome are actually problems we face for very different reasons.  I suspect we have much to learn from our neighbors.

Since we’re off the grid, I’ll have to post pics and stories after the fact.   Which is probably just as well. The idea of being fully present on this trip is getting more and more appealing.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to get a handful of posts pre-loaded. Because you know, getting ready to leave the household and both jobs for a week while doing both jobs leaves so much time for writing bonus blog posts.  New Procrastination Level unlocked.

If you’re the praying type, I’d sure appreciate them – here are some specifics:

  • Safe travel today, during the week and during our return flight next Wednesday
  • No travel tummy or other health issues among the team members
  • Some recovery of all that Spanish I took in HS and College
  •  That we would be able to rest in strange surroundings
  • No drama on the home front for the Hubs and the Yaya
  • That we would indeed learn from our hosts and discern whether these are places we can partner for the long term.

What do you think?

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