What day off?

NaBloPoMo Day 9: Monday day off or Friday day off… Discuss.
Since I have neither off, this is a rhetorical answer based on rhythms that are pretty contextualized.

At my current location, the Friday feeding ministry is an integral part of my ministry and that of the church. I also spend part of that afternoon doing something creative (last week painting fall decorations) which jump starts the creative thinking for the leadership, sermonating and change management portions of the work.

Mondays are the crazy days in the church office, with counters and armchair quarterbacks arriving in time to make the Admin feel rather inefficient.  This is why I moved my other “in office” day to Wednesday and work at my other office on Monday.  The only thing I do on Monday evening for the church is review the bulletin elements before emailing them in (to review in print on Wednesday).

So… if I were to move to a full-time post at Apopka, I think I’d go with Monday off.


What do you think?

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