The Keys to My Kingdom(s)

NaBloPoMo Day 4: Photo post time!! Take a picture of something you see all the time- the simpler, the better. Write a little about what the thing means, symbolizes, reminds you of… Give us a little glimpse into your world.


Not only do I see them every day, but I hold them and carry them around. All. The. Time.

In fact, when they aren’t in my pocket and poking me, I feel phantom pokes. Like those phantom vibrations that happen when you get too accustomed to your phone being in your pocket.

Truth is, I need them…

To start my car so I can get to work and do errands and catch some fresh air with the top down. To start my hubby’s bigger car when I have bigger stuff to haul around. To open the house when I get home. To open the mailbox and search for real mail hiding among the bills and junk.

The one gold key (under on top of the “frequent movie watcher’s” club tag) I need to open the church.  With that key, I can throw open the gates or the sanctuary and or the fellowship hall. I can open the cabinets and do archeological digs.  I can go into my office and take off all those other hats I wear and be Pastor Laura.

I can also use that key to lock down the church grounds and keep people out. It makes some people feel more secure, knowing that their pastor and the property are “safe”. I get that.  But it also makes me wonder. What conversations are we not having? What neighbors are we not meeting?



2 thoughts on “The Keys to My Kingdom(s)

  1. what fun that you used your picture of keys. I to see my keys each day but never thought of them. Yes, I agree what conversations are we missing by all our doors being locked all the time — the one conversation I’m happy we are missing is something happening to us by someone who is violent.

    • Yep – Åll the fences and gates with locks were put in after a break-in, so I know it’s about keeping people safe. I just wish there were a more hospitable-looking way to do it.

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