Shhhh…. there’s something you should know about my library

NaBloPoMo Day 3: What’s your random obsession? The Tudors, tie-dye, the perfect sauerbraten recipe… Tell us a little something about your secret or not-so-secret love.

I love books. In fact, for a long time, I thought I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up.  I mean what could possibly be better than going to work every day surrounded by stories and facts and ideas and recipes and all the other things that get tucked in between the covers of books?

I never studied library science, but I am the co-owner of quite a library. I was an English major and studied theology.  I am married to a former history major and lover of mystery books. I am mother to a child who started reading by 5 and never stopped.

This is not to say we don’t purge our books now and again. After all, you don’t have to keep every single paperback you’ve ever read. But there is one particular genre that never, ever, ever goes onto the Used Book Store pile.  Arthurian Literature.

Yes, I have almost as many versions of Le Morte D’Artur and related chivalric tales as George Lucas has tweaked and released of his Star Wars saga.  I have read the poetry, the short tales, the long novels, the retellings by 19th-, 20th- and 21st-century writers. I have non-fiction books that trace the historical roots of the Arthurian myths, and even picked up some of the comparable tales from other European cultures.

And, of course, I can tell you which of the movies and television series are most aligned with the original source material and which are (for me at least) a total waste of time and why.

How about you?


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