Don’t You Need Proof?

As is often the case, I was the last person to leave the church following choir practice tonight. I gathered up the stuff I needed to bring home, and wandered out to the car. The windows were a little fogged up (yay humidity), so I fired up the defroster, rolled down the windows, turned on my lights and sent my “I’m hitting the road text.”

I noticed a car at the stop sign on the corner, but the diffused light through my rear window made it hard to tell that the car was right behind me until I heard the door open and footsteps in the gravel.

Slightly concerned, I checked the side mirror. A local police officer was walking up, flashlight in hand. 

“Hi” I offered, in my best really, I am so not concerned voice. 

“Good evening, ma’am. I just wanted to see who was here and why, this time of the evening.”

“Oh, great! I’m the pastor here. And actually, I just locked up to leave.”

One eyebrow went up, quizzically, making clear that didn’t explain why I was sitting in my car outside the building.

“My windows are fogged and I was waiting for the defrost to…” I say, pointing at the window and the controls for the a/c. 

“All right then. You have a good evening”

I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or concerned. I mean, it’s nice he believed me. But really- does that mean anyone could say they are the pastor and get a pass? 

Or maybe that no one would be silly enough to make that claim if it weren’t true? 

One more for the “things that ale you say hmmm” file.


What do you think?

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