A few things I’ve learned lately

In no particular order:

When you drive a convertible, you really should always have 3 things:

  • A hat or visor (the sun shades in the car are useless for some angles)
  • A comb or brush
  • A paperweight

It’s good to have someone who can talk the one who usually talks people off the ledge, off the ledge.

The only way to keep someone from gobbling up all the power and control is to hold something back and hide it from them… which puts you into the same posture.  Those who value collaboration and transparency end up fighting themselves and the system, which can lead to exhaustion.

Peanut butter and chocolate milkshakes are awesome, but not right before bed.

I tend to break a lot of the “public speaking” guidelines from my homiletics classes when I preach, except the most important (to my mind): Find your voice and use it.

I have just enough administrative inclination to do all the administrative stuff I am called upon to do in my work lives. Which leaves less than I’d like to draw on for the admin stuff I need to do for my household and personal life.  Maybe that’s a piece of gaining more work-life balance… I can’t hire a minder at home, but I can rearrange some assignments and reclaim some of that energy/time. Hmmm….


What do you think?

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