Sometimes you just need a little beauty

How’s the old song go?  Some days are diamonds, some days are… that other thing I can’t recall but clearly isn’t beautiful or valuable. A stone perhaps.  Or scum.  

It’s true, I suppose, some days really are amazing. And some days are craptacular. But I find more and more that it isn’t the whole day, but a moment that swings one way or the other. 

One thing I’m learning is to keep looking around, that there is almost always something of beauty around. It may have been shoved all the way to the periphery. It might be a giggle, a song, a bird in flight, or the perfect bottle of beer. It doesn’t fix things, but it does help step back a bit and gain a different perspective. 

Today, that infusion of beauty came in the form of an app called Waterlogue that takes your photos and makes them look like watercolors. I had a friend play with one of my favorite recent photos:


Now a couple of Waterlogued versions:


Then there was choir practice (a couple of really lovely arrangements) and some honest belly laughs about utter silliness.  

I’ve still got plenty to worry about, plenty to keep an eye on… but it is no longer all that I see. 


What do you think?

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