Holy Saturday

Sabbath – a day of rest.  Not the way we tend to rest today, taking time away from our work to play at the beach or do some quilting or cooking.

Sabbath meant staying put, doing only what was absolutely essential. All the preparation and cleaning was done before sundown Friday, and nothing would commence until sunrise Sunday.

That’s a long time to reflect on the events of the preceding week-
The triumphal entry into Jerusalem with all the palms and shouting.
The way the Jesus changed the passover meal… even washing their feet, asking them to love one another  as he loved them.
Judas, the garden, the crowd shouting, the trial. It’s like the whole world had suddenly turned against Jesus.
The raw grief and terror of Friday had no choice but to be still, falling exhausted into Sabbath.

There would be much to do, come sunrise.  They hadn’t had time to properly prepare his body for burial… none of the rituals had been completed. But Sabbath meant waiting, praying, being still, seeking shalom.

It’s been a busy morning for me, and I still have things on my to-do list. Some must be set aside, so that my heart can find rest.

How about you?  Have you set aside (made holy) part of your Saturday?


What do you think?

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