Good Friday Thoughts

On this day, we remember the crucifixion and death of our Lord. It is a day of sorrow, a day to recall that our God knows the pain of loss and grief, too.

It is tempting to run ahead, to look for the empty tomb and the reassurance that all is well or all will be well.
Don’t be afraid to sit in the depths. Dwell with the fact that the Light of the World was hidden for three days. Remembering those dark days for the disciples can help us in our own dark times. They came together as best they could, attempting to remember all that they had been taught.
In a world where violence, war, illness, and so many sins and sorrows bring darkness and despair to our doorsteps, we too must cling to one another and the promises that God is not finished. Take a look around – what breaks your heart also breaks his.
On Sunday, we will re-tell the story of how the Light returned. We will rejoice.
For now, we wait.

What do you think?

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