And they said it would never last

I don’t know how it happened really. There we were, newly married and discovering all those things about each other that we hadn’t noticed during our whirlwind courtship, and the next thing I know we are parenting an 18-year-old and celebrating our twentieth anniversary.

A lot of the days between here and there were quite ordinary and predictable.  We all know that the most likely response to the dinner table question  “So, how was your day?” is “hectic but good”.

But some of them have been extraordinary:

  • The day we drove through the Sandia mountains of New Mexico on our honeymoon, finding snow and amazing views.
  • Days walking through London, Stratford, and Edinburg
  • Days exploring San Antonio, Nashville, Washington, DC.
  • Driving all night to visit DisneyWorld to be there the weekend Tower of Terror opened
  • Watching the kid play in snow for the first time. Or the fall leaves. Or the Ocean.
  • Riding Shadow and Pearl pretty much anywhere
  • Celebrating Graduations and Promotions
  • Mourning lost jobs and lost loved ones
  • The days I needed to cry and let you be strong enough for both of us.
  • The days you let me do the same for you.
  • The days we fought and had to find our way back to “I’m sorry”

7,304 days later, I am thankful for every day since the one we promised to stick together whatever life tosses our way.



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