Advent 20 – Good News

Some of t20131220-151039.jpghe people I love are not the sort who love Jesus.  They have been hurt by churchy people.  They have been angry with God for so long they don’t know how to stop.  They have seen more compassion and love offered by the least and lost than by the ones called and commissioned to love.

Celebrating Christmas as the coming of Christ, hearing the Nativity story retold, being told once again what they must believe in order to go to heaven (or avoid hell)… none of these are particularly good news.

For them, like me, the gifts and cards that arrive in the mail are tangible reminders that they are loved.  They are not alone in the world.  That someone cares enough to seek out a gift that is sure to make them smile. In a world that seems determined to debate, dehumanize and rage, the simple act of sharing a laugh, a card or a gift can make a day more bearable, a life more livable.


And sometimes, Bacon Candy Canes are really good news.


What do you think?

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