Advent 13 – Justice


I don’t remember visiting the FDR memorial the first time I went to DC.  But on our last trip, I found myself once again amazed at the way this country responded, under his leadership, to the troubles of the time.  And how many parallels there were to our time!

The huge numbers of unemployed, the wars that rage, the disparity between rich and poor…

The words of this man, carved into stone yet crying out to all who would hear them, resonated so deeply.  Not because they were about creating a particular kind of government, but because they were about taking shared responsibility for the well-being of those around us.  There was a sense of fairness and a desire for all people (not even just here in America) to know peace.

Spending time reading these words in light of our call to love our neighbors and care for the last and gave me hope and strengthens my resolve to work for justice where I have power and voice.


What do you think?

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