Advent 12 – Hope

IMG_1305There’s nothing like air travel to bring out the crazy.  People get pushy, cranky, anxious and rude – and that’s just the TSA staff (rimshot). Seriously though, there is something slightly dehumanizing about the security process in these days of being herded into various lines and formations so that IDs can be checked, bags and bodies scanned, and entire families disoriented.

And yet – every time I fly through the Milwaukee airport, I smile.  They have identified a place for people to go while they put their bags back together, put shoes, belts and other items of clothing back on, and gather all their ducks back into a row.  It’s the “Recombobulation Area”   For real. No photoshop.

The sign says to travelers “I know.  This whole thing leaves you feeling discombobulated and confused.  But it’s okay.  You can take a minute here to pull yourself back together”  in a broad Midwestern accent that makes everything ok, don’t ya know.

Where there is understanding, there is space for love.

Where there is humor, there is space for joy.

Where there is hospitality, there is space for grace.

And when these things can be found in the security gate of an airport, there is hope.


What do you think?

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