RevGals, Blogs and Me

Honestly, this blog wouldn’t have started, had there been no RevGalBlogPals.  Nor would I be the same gal I am today.  Here’s why..

It was probably 7 years ago now that I was sitting in a very uncomfortable place.  I had been in one of those conversations with God that starts with “Hey- you listening?” and ends with me on some sort of adventure.  The adventure was starting seminary so that I could get back on the path toward parish ministry, a path I had left more than a couple of decades earlier.

Like any good citizen of the early 2000s, I turned to the web for guidance.  And as I searched for “How to choose a seminary” or some permutation of that question, I came across this growing community of women who were at various mileposts on the path I was again walking.

I found people just like me and NOTHING like me.  I found women and men who checked in with each other in the middle of regular old ministry stuff, and people who deeply cared for one another in the crises and chaos life brings.  I never did find a post on how to choose a seminary, but I found myself more confident that God really did mean it… that this woman who was surrounded by chaos and found life in studying and talking about and attempting to live the gospel could do this thing called vocational ministry.  Because there were women like me in big and small ways living out that call.

So I started blogging as I started searching, and I kept blogging – not nearly so consistently as many of this group do- through teh ups and downs of seminary.  And through the insanity that is life whether you’re in grad school or not.  I chimed in on Friday Fives and Preacher Parties.  I soaked up wisdom from the Matriarchs answering questions that weren’t mine, but could have been.

I’ve only met a handful of these gals in person, which feels so weird to say.  Especially since I’ve prayed with you and for you about so many transitions in ministry and life.  I love that we are connecting on Twitter and Facebook now, too.  It has been beautiful to see how those circles continue to expand, where we can embrace those who don’t blog but need the community of women who minister to one another and to the world.  It’s been a delight to introduce my seminary and preacher friends to the collective wit and wisdom of the RevGalBlogPals on all those platforms.

I am thankful for the ways that I have experienced the fellowship of the (blog)ring, and the ways reading and responding to posts, tweets, and updates has opened my eyes to the wideness of God’s grace and the beautiful diversity of voices that speak that grace to the world.


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