Yesterday was a GOOD day

I don’t often do a “diary” post, but yesterday was such a good day…

It started with VBS. I went to help out with a one-day, neighborhood-based experiment that a local church tried. It was downtown, at a family’s house, as well as the park across the street. The concept was good and the actual music-story-craft-snack combo worked well. But there weren’t many kids. Much to ponder there, in terms of how to let people know, draw a crowd, etc. But some neat potential.

Next- a nap. One of those really deep sleep naps that washes over you so fully that it actually takes major effort to come back up out of it. Then we grilled up some turkey burgers and enjoyed a few laughs at the table.

Since the rain seemed to be passing by, we decided to ride out to Disney. The FPK on the back of Pearl with the hubby, followed by me on the Shadow. The timing could not have been better. The rain cooled things down and brought with is a lovely breeze. The sunset was spectacular as we rode west. And the roads weren’t too busy.

We made it to the Magic Kingdom about 9, just in time to hit some rides while most folks were enjoying the parade. We grabbed Space Mountain fast passes, walked over to New Fantasyland for a spin on Goofy’s Barnstormer and an underwater ride through Ariel’s story. We saw the work going on for the Snow White area and were very impressed with the upgrade to the old stroller part by Small World. They’ve reconfigured the space and worked in Rapunzel’s tower and some theming from the pub in that film.


Then it was through the graveyard to Haunted Mansion. We stopped by the TeaCups (dizzying as always) on the way to Space Mountain. It was almost 11, so we grabbed some ice cream on Main Street and watched the twin parades of floats going deeper into the park and tired visitors heading out.

The adventure continued when we discovered the monorails had closed early last night. That meant everyone had to head to the TTC by bus or ferry boat. We joined the folks heading to the Polynesian on a smaller boat and made the walk from there. It was lovely and quiet, since it was creeping up to midnight.

The ride home was perfect. I love night rides, even when it’s turning into early morning. Riding behind Pearl, seeing the two people I love most enjoying themselves for a few hours on the bike and off… really, it doesn’t get much better.




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