Somewhere between

How awkward must those middle generations of sea-land creatures have been. They came venturing up a bit farther from the water than the previous generations, with slightly stronger fin-legs and lungs that could handle air intake from gills and mouth. But they weren’t yet sleek and agile, as their descendants would be.

In theology, we talk about living in the now and the not yet. That as people, we are transformed by our faith, but that we will be even more like God when we finally enter that realm where all people and nations worship together. And we speak of the coming reign of God, a world in which there is no war, famine, injustice… A world we are to be part of forming now.

How strange and beautiful it is to watch children as they grow and change. The alien newborn morphs into an infant then a stubby-legged toddler. The next thing you know they are dressing up for prom. And all along the way, you see them as they are, remembering them as they were.

And sometimes you catch a glimpse of who they will be. In the brief moment, you can imagine the young adult version, leading a group of coworkers. Or the parent they could become.

But they aren’t. Yet. They are between here and there. It’s the joy and the pain of living as a parent in the world that waits.


What do you think?

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