Cat got your thumbs?

Fingers would be more accurate, I suppose, if one is adapting the old adage to ask why someone hadn’t been speaking up via the keyboard. But thumbs sounds closer to tongue. Not that it matters. The point is, I’ve not posted in a couple weeks.

Why, you ask? I can give three decent reasons.
1. Every time I’ve felt like writing something lately it has been one of those ridiculously complex things that just got gooey-er in the writing. Like my theories on consumerism leading to sound-bite journalism leading to the assumption that Americans can’t handle anything beyond lowest common denominator info-tainment.
2. I have been enjoying the past month of no required reading or writing, thus enabling me to catch up on Downton Abbey, Sherlock, NCIS and several movies.
3. I have been writing like a maniac for a website at work. Now that we’re getting to a maintenance, rather than development phase, the content beast will be less hungry. And I’m training other content creators, so that will help.

Time to make some time to write. And study for Ords… surely that will give me some idaes to wrestle into submission.


What do you think?

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