My Benediction

So today I was back at my church of membership for the first time in months. As we were singing the last hymn, Pastor Paul came to my pew and asked if I’d give a benediction, so he could let folks know i was back, had graduated and all. How do you say no?

Thankfully, i’ve been noodling on what my “stock benediction” would be. After all, being on the preaching supply list means i could be doing this a bit more often. I started listening more closely to charges, blessings and benedictions in different contexts a couple of years ago.

I have cobbled together the bits and pieces that feel right coming from my heart and mouth as I raise my hands to offer a good word to the people. And since it’s not a direct quote from scripture, I don’t have to worry about a memorization brain spasm. But it does say what I believe we should leave a worship knowing and doing:

We are commanded to love and commissioned to go.
It’s exactly that easy. And it’s exactly that hard.
But know this: the One who created you, called you, loves you and sends you also goes with you. Always.
To the very end of the age.
Go in peace and in the power of the Holy Spirit to love and serve the Lord. Amen

Thank you to the women and men who have blessed me and inspired this blessing.


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