Notes from the Side Chair – Closing Chapter

Sunday was the last of my official Sundays at WPC. It was a lovely day all the way around. It was PW’s Bountiful Bonnets day, in which women wear hats and an offering is given to support a worthy project. The ladies were also hosting the annual mother-daughter tea, which turned out to be a joyous day of connecting with moms and daughters of all ages.

The “cherub choir” sang at both services- and those little faces and voices singing about being God’s wittle wambs were just precious. I am not a fan of the way kids are sometimes trotted out for performances during a service, but Miss Aloma does such a great job with these kids that they know what they are singing and do it with gusto.
Mission Faith – the youth choir – also provided music that I have been singing every day since. “If today, you hear the voice of God, harden not your heart…”
I had the opportunity to offer prayers for the community one more time, and I was surprised and honored that they chose to give me a stole as a thank you. It is beautiful- green and purple, the two most common liturgical colors – and hand quilted by a member. It is just exactly right, even though I don’t know that I would have been able to ask for it.

I know that ministry is not all about me. Honestly, I do. But it was so nice to hear from people that they have appreciated the gifts I offered in service to the body gathered each week. That they were challenged to think and pray. That’s why God brings us together, really, so that our unique voices can combine into one beautiful chorus.

I am thankful for this chance to learn, observe, participate, lead and follow from the side chair. Some I will keep as things to do, others I have learned not to do again. Every lesson will shape me as I move into new place and new communities, even those I haven’t yet realized I learned.



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