Motherhood Mantra

Mihee Kim-Kort is hosting a series of posts by several women this month called Motherhood Mantras. It has been a joy (and quite moving) to read each post, hearing the unique voices and learning a bit about the families they represent.

I am truly humbled every time I hear the stories moms tell. Not in the competitive sense- more that it reminds me what a crazy sacred trust we are given in the work of childrearing.

Maybe that is the key to stopping the “mommy war” madness. Just listen to each other with the empathy And compassion we try to offer our children on a daily basis.

You can check out my contribution here. Here’s a little preview:

“I can’t do this. I quit.”

Probably not the most positive mantra out there. But I think sometimes your mantra chooses you, and this suits me well. I’m one of those really capable people with plenty of skills and strengths. I even have the spiritual gift of faith. Sometimes those traits conspire to make me think that I can do all things… with or without Christ who strengthens me. At least until life pulls me up short. Nothing does a better job of getting me to the end of myself than attempting to be the “good mom”. And so I quit. Regularly. For almost 17 years of motherhood so far…


What do you think?

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