Thoughts from the side chair, Simon Sez edition

It was a good day to be in worship… the music was incredible.  The handbell choir celebrated 25 years with 3 different pieces, including an anthem version of Holy Holy Holy with the choir, organ and piano that was just off the charts excellent.  It moved me to tears.

The kiddos from the childcare center contributed a song – “I am a promise; I am a possibility…” So cute and very well done.  And drew in probably a hundred or so folks that we don’t always have in worship, since many of their families worship elsewhere (or don’t normally attend a church).

All of which made me feel like a deluxe goob when I managed to bungle the stand up-sit down thing AGAIN.  As if I hadn’t learned from my first Simon Says debacle.

I mean how hard is it to remember to wait for the Doxology after the assurance of pardon?  Not that hard.  Unless you’re thinking a step ahead and deciding between “please be seated” and “you may be seated” by considering which is more inviting for people who aren’t usually there and then suddenly hear yourself saying “please be seated” out loud just as the introductory chords come out of the organ.  Really?  no.  Really?

So… it was the “Or stay standing, please” while smiling and hoping that the red-o-meter doesn’t crack while measuring just how embarrassed I was.  “…..Aaaahhh-menn.  Now, really, please feel free to sit down.”  Warm laughter abounds.  I must say, at least this time I felt loved, not just embarrassed.  That says a lot about how my relationship with this congregation has changed since Christmas- for the better.

Afterward, over punch & cookies, one of the women in my PW circle said, “I’m glad you goofed.  It lets everyone else see what we know… that you’re funny and confident and not perfect.  That you’re just like the rest of us.”    Oh, if she only knew.

I did take it as a compliment (albeit a bit odd) that she wanted others to experience what she knows after spending time with me in a more informal setting.   It’s probably worth tucking that away in the memory banks… how much do leaders benefit from being willing and able to laugh at themselves once in a while? Especially when it means acknowledging a mistake?


What do you think?

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