Corrupt happens

To good files. And to good people.

It makes me sad to read about the scandal Aubry McLendon has created for himself (details here). With all the banking and other corporate shenanigans I’ve read or heard about in the last several years, I didn’t know anyone involved. Until now.

Not that I knew Aubrey, but I met him and knew a lot of folks who worked closely with him when I was working at the field office for Chesapeake about 16 years ago.  He seemed like a pretty straight up, if driven, guy. He hired people who had integrity, and he expected good, hard, honest work from the people responsible for drilling and production.

I was part of a team of administrative office types who checked and rechecked reports, invoices and other documents for accuracy. We were never encouraged to “fudge” things.  I haven’t been in touch with folks there since we were in town about 12 years ago to visit. When I think about the company, I think about the earnest, hardworking people who taught me the jargon I needed to make sense of the oil business, who made it their business to assure that the company was successful by spending wisely. I can only imagine how they must feel.

For me, it is an unsettling reminder that we are living in a broken world where no one is immune to the lure of security in the form of wealth. Even those who stand and affirm their faith in the One who taught us to give it all away.  It makes me ask myself- to what am I turning for security?  Whose good am I sacrificing to feel good about my future? What am I allowing to creep in and corrupt my love of God and neighbor? Do I have people in my life who are invested enough to bring me to account?


What do you think?

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