A few random observations

No time to really flesh out any of these… But they have been on my mind. Maybe getting them here will let me move on to the stuff I need to write!

Driving on a road that is FINALLY finished and repaved is like climbing into a bed with new or freshly cleaned sheets. Ahhhhh

Sometimes things are harder than they ought to be- like companies that don’t provide phone contacts but make their web communication a nightmare. Or the pharmacy wanting a fax from the doc when the doc won’t send without a fax from the pharmacy. Really. On 3, go fax yourselves.

I find it curious that people who can’t be bothered to show up at a series of meetings during planning and development phases of a project want to have control over the final product as it nears completion.

Babies have a way of melting my heart- kittens and cats, not so much. I think my Internet experience suffers as a result.

My child has a flair for dramatic storytelling and a twisted sense of humor that makes recaps of dentist, doctor and other visits quite exciting.

Of all the people I hear interviewed, the ones I most long to be when I grow up are the poets. I want to tell stories and paint pictures and evoke memories… With a handful of words and seemingly no effort. Perhaps someday…


What do you think?

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