A prayer for today



In your love, you reach out to us before we can even begin to understand who you are.  In your mercy, you offer your grace before we clean ourselves up and get our act together. In your kindness, you provide for us all that we need, sometimes directly, sometimes through family and friends, sometimes through complete strangers.

Give us eyes to see and hearts to embrace your love, mercy and kindness. When we look beyond the clutter and noise clamoring  for our attention every minute of the day, we see the needs that must break your heart each day…

The children who go home to empty houses and empty pantries,

The sick and dying that no one comes to sit with,

The neighbors whose lives are crumbling around them, too ashamed to ask for help,

If we listen, we can hear their stories, hear that they are longing for comfort and connection with you.

Send your Spirit, Lord.  Fill our hearts with the same compassion that filled the heart of your Son.  With Christ at the head, let us be the body that you have called us to be – serving, loving, making disciples, carrying the light of your love to the world.

As we lift up the names of those on the hearts of our community today, give us a desire to lift petitions for others and for our world throughout the day and throughout the week.

Today, we ask that you would be present in the Midwest, where tornados have destroyed homes and livelihoods, and wherever the next storms appear.  And in Malaysia, Mexico and other places where earthquakes shook up people’s lives and their possessions.

Be with the first responders and with those who are traveling to do the work of rebuilding in the coming months, weeks and years.  Guide us, your people, to the places our resources, abilities, gifts and passions can make a difference in the lives of those in greatest need.

Truly there are as many needs and concerns among us and around us as there are stars in the sky.  And, if we’re honest, there are at least that many reasons to stop and say thank you to you, and celebrate the many prayers that you answer.

In this Eastertide, we especially want to give thanks for Jesus and all that his life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension mean to us today and everyday.




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