Adventure Time!

In just a few hours, the hubs and the kid will be heading out of town on a train to Providence.  We’re visiting the kiddo’s namesake (as a surprise) to help celebrate one of those milestone birthdays. I don’t have time take the train, but they’ve been wanting to make a trip like this for years.

They’ll arrive in Washington DC about 10:30 Friday morning, where they’ll have to change trains.     The schedule actually gives them the rest of the day in DC to poke around, visit some touristy things, grab a non-train dinner before starting the second over-nighter northward.

My original plan was to work Thursday and Friday, fly out early Saturday and meet them in Providence. Then we’d all fly home Monday evening. But weekend flights during Spring Break from Theme Park Land?  Yeah, too pricey.  Turns out we could get a one-way for me into Baltimore plus the train ride from DC onward and still be ahead of the game.

Here’s the Adventure part.  As the guys make their final push into Union Station in DC, I’ll be landing at BWI and catching a commuter train to Union Station.  Who will get there first???

It’s not quite as exciting as Jeremy Clarkson racing James May and Richard Hammond on Top Gear… but it’s pretty close!  And since I have to get up at the CRACK OF DAWN and they’ll be sleeping in their chairs, we should be equally groggy upon arrival!

We actually made a stop like this in DC once before… the kid was probably 4 or so.  We were driving up to see the family for Thanksgiving.  After an all-nighter, we parked someplace near Arlington cemetery and walked around a bit.  We took the Metro in and hit a museum while the morning rush hours calmed a bit.

I’m hoping we’ll all have the energy to make the loop and see the memorials, especially the new MLK area.  And word is that the cherry blossoms are at their peak.  That should make for some lovely photo ops!  If you have suggestions for a mini-adventure (or want to predict who will win the big race), chime in!


2 thoughts on “Adventure Time!

  1. The Amazing Race: Family Edition! I predict they arrive first. You should find a spot equidistant to your arrivals if possible and see who gets there first.

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