Things that Have Me Thinking

In no particular order…

>The unrelenting assault on birth control, sex education, abortion and the definition of rape. And what this seems to say about the value of women in the eyes of some in our nation.

>The Trayvon Martin case and what it says about the state of race relations in our country.

>The shootings in France that seem to be motivated by someone hoping to stir up trouble between French Muslims and Jews.

>The continuing disintegration of the denomination in which I have been nurtured and feel called to serve.

I have been so swamped with school and work and my internship that finding time to process any of these here is just this side of impossible.

But I have been praying. And my prayers keep coming back to this question- what am I meant to be doing in the midst of this? What does this Christ-follower with too little time on her hands do in the face of the injustice, fear, brokenness, and pain of this world?

And the only answer I can find right now is love people well. When I love my child enough to have conversations about diversity and how to live a compassionate, peace-filled and peace-giving life, I am loving all those whom my young adult and eventual-adult will encounter along the way.

I can love people enough to pray with and for them, to advocate for those whose voices are not heard, to give out of my surplus, and to see them as children of God, no less or more deserving of adoption than I.

I can reach out to other people who long to make a dent in the “thy Kingdom come” bit and love our neighbors together.

But I just don’t think I can sit around thinking, praying and writing much longer without putting faith to work in more tangible ways. Wonder who will want to come along?


What do you think?

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