A Seminary Senior’s Prayer

Sweet Spirit who led me to start this journey,
Patient Savior who prays unceasingly and unswervingly on my behalf,
God of great humor who looked on this goofball and saw a child of promise,
We have traveled far together.
Sometimes I have run ahead. Other times I have fallen behind.
You have sustained me through papers too hard to write,
opened my mind through books that I never thought I’d finish, and
provided me with teachers and mentors that will be the voices in my head for years to come.

We have one more semester to finish.
If there is one thing I have truly learned in this crazy time called seminary, it is that truly I can do nothing on my own.
I need my family, Lord. Bind us together in love that makes no sense on the days we can’t make sense of each other.
I need my friends, God. Strengthen them for this last push, and help us to be encouragers for one another.
I need your illumination, Spirit. Make the scriptures come to life, not so that I can succeed and score well, but so that I can share the good news with those around me.
I need your transforming presence, Christ. Abide in me, even as I seek to find my rest, my hope and my life in you. When I pull on the yoke, calm my spirit.

As every fiber of my being longs to count down the days, crossing them off as if they were a sentence to be endured, help me remember that each day counts. That I will one day look back and long for these opportunities to soak up all that an instructor has to give.

As I dive back in, one more time, let me live and learn and practice and be… all to your glory.

In the name of Jesus


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