Best of: Dalek Humor

Ok, so if you wondered whether my family has a high nerd quotient… Wonder no more.

Into my text inbox yesterday wandered this random message:

English Professor Dalek:

It was the FPK. Of course, I replied with
Sesame Street Dalek- COOPERATE!

A few minutes later the hubs was in on a group message barrage that lasted 10-15 minutes
Lutheran Dalek:
Mormon Dalek: PROCREATE
Abraham Lincoln Dalek: EMANCIPATE!
Human Voluntary Extinction Movement Dalek: EXTERMINATE!

The rest of the day, one or the other of us would randomly set off the others’ phones…

Newt Gingrich Dalek: BLOVIATE
Disney Dalek: CELEBRATE!!
Flirty Frat Boy Dalek: INSINUATE
Detective Dalek: INVESTIGATE!!
Proctologist Dalek: ELIMINATE!!!
Speech Therapist Dalek: ENUNCIATE!!
Firebug Dalek: INCINERATE!
Soup Nazi Dalek: DEHYDRATE!
Wait, what?
You know… No soup for you? No liquids? Ummm

Pretty sure the family meme has run it’s course, though. The last entry of the day was
Eunuch Dalek: CAST- oh never mind.


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