2012 – Already?

You know those scary moments when you are in the car, pulling up to your destination only to realize you don’t really remember driving there?  Not in the “I’m so drunk I can’t feel my teeth” way.  More like you’ve been on autopilot.  Maybe it’s just me who gets so lost in my thoughts or a conversation (or a good story on NPR). 

Regardless, that’s sort of how I feel about ringing in 2012.  It hardly seems possible that it’s been a dozen years since we sat in the parking lot of the Animal Kingdom, surrounded by fireworks from all the Disney parks, wondering if the world’s computers would crash when they shifted from 1999 to 2000.  Or that this is the fifth time I’ve spent at least part of New Year’s Eve prepping for my January seminary classes.   Or that Fred has been snoring and barking in our house for over a year now. 

How did we get here? 

Not that I’m sad to say goodbye to 2011.  It was a hard year in some ways.  Goodbyes with intended and unintended consequences.  Health issues ranging from nagging to scary.  Sacrifices and changes that were more painful than expected.  And a lot of time in the “hurry up then wait” loop. Tears. 

And yet, there were sweet moments.  Times with family, friends and yes- Fred.  Good news.  Progress.  Rewards for persevering.  Laughter.

Where are we headed?

Hard to say.  I should be graduating in May.  Between here and there, I’ll be writing lots of papers, driving the kid around town, keeping up with work and internship roles, blogging (I hope!) and who knows what else.

This year, instead of worrying about the destination, I want to be more present in journey. More open engaged in the lessons, blessings and challenges that will inevitably come. And maybe – just maybe – a year from now, I won’t find myself wondering how we got back to New Year’s Day.


What do you think?

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