And the answer is… Who?

Yes, that seems more question than answer, but WHO is the theme for this Christmas… the hubs found some fun Doctor Who stuff on sale for me and the kiddo (from DVDs to a “Fezzes and Bow ties are Cool” button). My sis got us TARDIS t-shirts, and the FPK got me a little spinning TARDIS toy. Today, we took advantage of a sale and some gift cards to order a DVD box set of the Doctor’s adventures. You know, just in case Netflix stops offering them. Not to mention all the extras! But I obsess…

In other WHO-ness… Yaya found a copy of Horton Hears a Who on the clearance rack somewhere and knew the FPK would love it (correct, as always).

And the hubs got some Who CDs (yes, the band that brought us all the themes to CSI series and Tommy).

There were other videos and music, and plenty of books as usual, but it was funny to see this pattern emerge as we opened gifts. And fun to spend the evening watching Doctor Who Christmas Specials!

Merry Christmas to all! And God bless us, every one.



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