This year’s theme?

It happens almost every year… without planning or plotting, somehow the folks who shop and ship our little family Christmas gifts end up sending similar or similarly themed items.  There was the year that every gift the hubby got was related to trains.  Or the time we opened presents to find calendar after calendar… personalized, wall, desktop, quote-word-comic of the day, and even a planner-organizer.  There have been coffee years (mugs, ground and whole beans, tshirts), book years, music (CDs, players & concert DVDs).

This year’s theme? FOOD!    We started out with a table full of treats left over from our open house, some of which we were going to package and give away.  Then the trays and boxes started arriving… gourmet english muffins (and yes, they are that good), wine with savory snacks, flavored popcorn, candies, more cookies.  All of it lovely.  But a bit overwhelming, to be honest.

I love that our table full of food represents the generous and loving hearts of our relatives and friends.  And I am so grateful that they seem to have heard my honest request: “please, we have enough stuff”.  But I’m not sure how we’ll get through all of this.  Maybe re-gifting?

Perhaps for next year, we can plant a seed for a theme that takes the non-stuff gift a little further…  charitable giving, anyone?


What do you think?

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