Posts here have been few and far between of late. It’s not that I’m not thinking about stuff. Lord knows, that never stops. Even with this evil sinus goo that seems to be taking over my head, there is plenty of action in the noggin.  It just doesn’t make it here.  I don’t make it here.

I think it has to do with being emotionally drained. This has been a tough stretch with the kiddo. Even as we continue to work with care providers, the school situation remains just this side of untenable. I mean, what do you do about mounting absences when the school setting is what triggers the episodes that make it difficult to be at school?

What seemed like a clear and direct answer to prayer has wandered into the bureaucratic red-tape zone.  It’s still a possibility, but the waiting is all the harder when there isn’t a clear timeline or process.  And, by the way, the delay effects someone you love.

It’s just wait. And hope.  And keep the faith.

Faith, hope and love.  These three, entwined and intermingled.  Abiding.
Funny how when hope begins to feel faint in the waiting, faith takes the lead.
Whispering stories of old, the ones about how faithful God is in the midst of humanity’s faltering and stumbling.
Whispering stories of my own life, those moments when I looked up from my pit and listened for God singing over me. Singing over me to quiet this child with love.
Love that is so deep and real and bouyant that I am lifted from my sorrows, even for just a moment.
Love so abundant that I have more than enough to share with my own child and the dear man who shares this crazy life with me.
Love that renews faith
Love that revives hope.
Love that allows me to abide.
To be.



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