Roller Coaster

The station’s shelter gives way to harsh light
Before my eyes adjust
A quick, hard turn
Off balance now, a sudden drop elicits a cry
Fear (dread?) grips the edges of my heart

Between dizzying dips and hills and turns,
Glimpses of people standing and chatting
seemingly unaware, definitely unconcerned
Snatches of birds singing
perhaps discussing where to find discarded snacks

Metallic clanks, steady and not quite straining
Tell me we are climbing, nearing the peak
Where the view is most dramatic
and filled with potential

Turns become spirals, twisting reality

It used to be fun, this not knowing
Reacting on instinct
Throwing hands up and head back
Yelling and laughing into the wind

Look at me now…

Clinging tightly to the bar, as if it could stop the wind
from wrenching hope from my heart
or bringing tears to my eyes

or taking you away.


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