More thoughts from the side chair

As we hit the midpoint of this semester, I’ve been reflecting on my internship experience thus far. In no particular order…
> I was a little surprised that it would take this long to start making some connections with members… not sure why, given that I’m only there a couple of days a week.  But there is something about the personality of this church that is a bit reserved- maybe more introverts? Once we talk a bit, folks are quite warm and friendly.  It just takes a fair amount of intentionality on my part.

> I’m starting to see why my supervisor has had a hard time finding things to hand off to me.  Much of the work in the committees really is being done by members, so it doesn’t make sense to pull that away and hand it to me for a few months and give it back.  Nor does it make sense in a super-tight budget to attempt to add something that might or might not continue when I disappear in a few months.  Thankfully, I am starting to see some shadowing opportunities that might lead to shared leadership in some teaching areas.

> Given that second observation, I can see how even in smaller churches rising leaders (often young people, new members) might have difficulty finding a place to serve.  When folks who “have always done it” or the pastor continue leading ministries, teams/committees, etc. then those who are willing and able have no space in which to offer their gifts.  For many young people, that translates to a feeling that they aren’t needed, trusted or wanted.  Sad, since most churches really do want more (especially young) folks involved.  hmm…  much to ponder


What do you think?

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