Friday Five- Scattered!

revkjarla posed this Friday Five to play today.  After my week?  Oh yeah…

So, I don’t know about you, but I have had quite the scattered week.  Sometimes, life is that way, right?
In the spirit of Scattered-ness, I offer you a scattery kind of Friday Five:

1.  I lose my keys all of the time.  Even if they are in my hand, I still am looking for them.  Sigh!
What is something you chronically looking for, if anything?  I am the official finder of lost objects in our house, but I am forever leaving my debit card in a pocket somewhere and hunting it down.  It might be in my pants, a jacket, the outside or inside pocket of my purse…  ugh.  I’ve also lost my wedding ring for days at a time before.

2.  What movie are you looking forward to watching sometime in the future?  Sherlock Holmes 2.  What’s not to love about some Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law?

3.  What is one of your favorite comfort foods?  Wings.  Mom’s chicken & dumplings

4.  Story time.  Tell us a story of one your favorite people that has touched, blessed your life.   Oh, there are so many.  But the one on my mind this week is Yvonne.  She works with me and is such a dear. I’ve never met anyone with a greater call to prayer as a ministry.   She has lived through many hard times and praises God for all of them.

5.  What do you do to focus or calm or center yourself?  Read something mindless, do a crossword or a Sudoku puzzle.  I put on some very familiar music in my car and sing until I can just belt it out and not think of other things.  Or write… poems, posts here, etc.

BONUS:  Share the first thing (or second thing) that comes to your mind after your read this!  I wonder how many other RevaGals are feeling this scattered?


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