Skipping Church

I don’t skip church often.  In fact, unless I am traveling, I almost never ditch.  I did today…

I was meant to be out of town this weekend – in Louisville for the Company of New Pastors – but had to cancel.  It’s been one of those hunkering down sort of weeks, especially the weekend.  Tough week for kiddo, some crazy rain that just won’t go away… and revealed a leak in the car roof and in walls of the house.   I’m glad I was here to help the hubby, but I just couldn’t face going to church this morning and having to explain why I was there and not in Kentucky.

So why would I not take those burdens with me to church?  Isn’t that where you are meant to draw strength and pray alongside the body?

Well, yeah.  Sort of.  But I’ve only been at the church where I am interning for 5-6 weeks.  And the Associate Pastor is the only one who has a clue about my family (unless there are folks from there reading my blog or tweets, which I wouldn’t expect).  And the truth is much more than anyone wants over tea and cookies.   I probably could have wandered over to my home church, but honestly, there was something very pleasant about using an unexpected morning at home as a sabbath morning.

We did some quick checks on wet spots, but then the hubby and I read the paper, ate some breakfast and talked.  Uninterrupted.  For an hour.  Neither of us on a timeline. It was restful.

When the kiddo finally rolled out of bed, we watch part of a movie and laughed a bit. It was good for my heart.

I checked my twitter feed then prayed with and for folks headed off to preach, lead and take part in worship.  It connected me to the body.

I felt love for and from God and my neighbors.  Maybe I didn’t really skip church today….


What do you think?

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