Do the Right Thing

So, as I was putting my ID away the other day at the Denver airport, the weirdest thing happened. I bent it a bit to get it into the slot in my wallet and it snapped a bit… and suddenly I was holding TWO licenses. Only one of them was mine. The other belonged to a woman who lives in another town about an hour from here.

All I could think in the moment was- what if one of the TSA guys had popped them apart? How would I have explained having a second ID on hand? Not that I look like the other woman at all, but still…

I have NO idea where it came from… My first guess was the place where the PK had an MRI last week. They took my insurance card and ID to scan. Or maybe at the primary care doc the week prior… Those were the only times in recent memory that my ID was out of sight. All the other ID checks I’ve done have been right in front of me… hand it over, get it right back.

So, today was the first chance I had to check at the MRI office. No luck… no one had called looking for a lost ID. No record of her coming in. I decided the best next step was to just mail it on over to her.

It seemed silly to just drop it in the mail with no context, so I got a blank card and tried to explain how I came to find the license and that I hoped she wasn’t out a lot of time and money replacing. I don’t know if what I wrote made any sense, given that have no idea who she is or where our paths would have crossed. I hope she trusts that I didn’t do anything to steal her identity.

It may not be fashionable or expected, but I want to be known as someone who chooses more often than not to do the right thing.


What do you think?

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