eBook Confession

After ranting about how annoying it was to find myself reading a book on my iPhone, taken unawares and dissatisfied by its abrupt ending, I found myself picking up a Nook at the local B&N a few days ago.  Irony is my friend.


1. My child runs through books like no one’s business.  We do the library, paperback swap and used book stores, but even when you acquire books on the cheap (or borrow them) they take up real estate in the house.  We don’t need help cluttering this place, given its propensity to throw up its contents on a regular basis. Especially the room that is meant to contain the kiddo’s property.

2. I played with the Nook and the Kindle to see how they compared to reading on the screen of my laptop and phone, as well as a paperback.  It really is more like reading the page.  Though you still miss out on turning said page, but…

3. I had a collection of gift cards that made it reasonable to purchase (about 1/2 the price, in fact) the new black & white version that is touch screen.

4. Our local library’s ebook collection is compatible with the Nook.  I just have to connect those hoses. And the GoogleBooks collection is accessible.

5. I wanted something easy to bring with on my travels this summer.  I’m headed to Indy, Denver and back to Dubuque in the next 8 weeks.  I’m hoping that at least a couple of my textbooks will be available in e-form and save me some trees and luggage space/weight.

It’s been fun to use so far.  It works quite nicely in waiting rooms, which is not an unusual place for me to visit.  I have started Open Source Church and downloaded a freebie to check out later.  I’ll have to think pretty hard before downloading a novel, though.  That’s a whole different reading beast for me.


What do you think?

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